4 Soldiers around a Campfire.

(Not sure if this was done already but I heard this in boot camp. If I fucked it up I’m sorry.)

There are 4 soldiers sitting around a fire.

A Green Beret, A Navy Seal, a MARSOC Gunner, and a Delta Operator.

The MARSOC Gunner looks around for sec, then says “I once killed 20 men and carried 100 lbs of equipment for 10 miles.”

The Green Beret laughs and says, “Ha! I once killed 30 men with my rifle, and 5 with my knife. I walked 15 miles with 130 lbs of equipment! Eat that!”

Navy SEAL chuckles and says, “Really? I killed 60 men with a boat turret, and another 20 on land! I also SWAM 15 miles with 110 lbs of gear!”

He looks to the Delta Operator and says, “Top that, Asshat!”

Delta Operator doesn’t say anything, he just keeps stoking the coals of the fire with his dick.

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