4 Nuns died in a car accident…

They stand before St. Peters at the pearly gates.

St Peter asks the first nun: Have you ever touched a penis?

The fist nun admit it: Yes, once, but only with the tip of my finger!

St Peter then tell the nun: Ok, put your finger in that holy water, then I’ll let you pass.

He then asks the second: Have you ever touched a penis?

The second one also adit: Yes, I masturbated a man once.

St Peter seemed slightly disgusted, but then tells her to put her entire hand in the holy water before he allows her to pass.

Sudenlly, the 4th nun goes crazy and yell: Please! Ask me that question before the nun in front of me!!!!!

St Peter, confused, asks why.

The 4th Nun replies: I really want to wash my mouth before she puts her ass in the holy water.

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