3 tribesmen were about to get punished

3 tribesmen were about to get punished. The chief told them to bring 10 fruits from their crops.

The first one brought 10 apples. The chief then said that those 10 apples would be inserted in his asshole. If he manages to not show any reaction when all the apples get inserted, he gets to live otherwise he would be killed. When the first apple was inserted, pain could be seen from his face and he was then killed.

The second one arrived with 10 berries. After the chief’s explaination, they proceeded with the punishment. Just when the last berry was about to get inserted, he suddenly laughed. He was then killed.

At the afterlife, the two tribesmen met.

Tribesmen1: You were so close to surviving. Why the heck did you suddenly laughed?

Tribemen2: I saw the third one from afar carrying 10 watermelons.

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