3 race horses are having a drink at their local pub

They each talk about their recent races and victories,

The first horse says – “Guys, I had something weird happen at my last race. I was in the final straight running 5th and losing ground, I didn’t think there was any chance I could get up and win. Then all of the sudden PING this burst of energy overtook my body and I burst through and won!”

The other 2 horses were a little taken back but both confessed they had experienced similar things aswell.

A short time later while further discussing this phenomenon a Greyhound walked over to them and said “Hi Guys, I couldn’t help hearing your conversation and thought I should let you know that the same thing happened to me just last night!”

The Greyhound went back to his table and all 3 horses looked at each other in utter amazement and said “Fuck me! A taking Dog!”

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