3 men standing in front of the gates of heaven

Peter says: “Sorry guys. We’re closed.” “But Peter.. We’re dead. You have to let us in.” Peter: “I’ll make you a deal: If the story of how you died is awesome, I’ll let you in.”

So the first man begins to tell his story: “I am an attorney and I work every day from 6am to 8pm but THIS TIME I decided to go home an hour early because I don’t trust my wife. I was thinking she’s having sex with another man. So I drove home as fast as I could and ran to the elevator because our apartment is ON THE 7th FlOOR. When I entered our apartment I saw my wife laying on our bed NAKED. I KNEW IT. I searched and searched for that motherf*cker but I couldn’t find him. I went on our balcony to have a smoke and suddenly I saw a man hanging on the railing. I took my shoe and hit him on the fingers, he fell, but the trees catched him so he survived. We have a little fridge on the balcony. So I took it and threw it after him. I caught my foot on the cable of the fridge so I flew right with it off the balcony. Now I’m here.”

“Awesome story, bro. Come on in.” says Peter

The second guy tells his story: “I work as a window cleaner and that day I was cleaning windows on the 8th floor of a high-rise building. While cleaning I fell down but was just able to hold onto the railing of a balcony ON THE 7TH FLOOR…. …

Suddenly some Idiot hit me on my fingers with his shoes. I fell into the trees, I looked up – FRIDGE, DEAD. Now I’m here”

“Awesome story, bro. Come on in. And what’s your story?” Peter asks the third man.

“Im not quite sure how to say this. I was sitting butt naked in that fridge-…”

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