3 men are in training for a position with the CIA…

All 3 of them have passed every written assessment, cleared all of the physical trials, and only have to face one final test.

The first of the three walks into the room and faces the panel of examiners. They hand him a gun and tell him all he has to do now is prove his loyalty by entering the next room and killing the person in the chair.

He steels himself and walks in to find his wife sitting in the chair. As soon as he recognizes her he crumbles. He immediately drops the gun and walks out of the room, defeated.

The second man is given the same task. He takes the gun and walks in to find his wife in the chair. His determination falters but he steadies himself and takes aim. After a second he acknowledges that he’ll never be able to pull the trigger and he leaves the room, hands the gun back, and dismisses himself.

The third man is handed the gun and given the same instructions. He disappears into the next room and the examiners wait patiently outside. After a short wait they hear a gunshot and expect him to come back out soon after. But instead they hear a big commotion, a scream, and then silence.

The third man tumbles out of the room, wiping his brow and wearing a triumphant smile.

“The damn gun was loaded with a blank. But don’t worry, I was able to beat the bitch to death with the chair.”

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