3 dogs are at the vet. They ask the chihuahua what he’s there for…

“I’m a biter. I bite kids. I bite my mom. I bite the TV cords. I bite anything. The last straw was when I bit my owners kid. I have to get anxiety medication.”

They then ask the blue heeler what he’s in for

“I’m a pooper. I poop in the kitchen. I poop in the road on walks. I pooped on the kitchen table which I thought was awesome. I have to get checked for bowel problems”

The other 2 look at the Great Dane and ask him his story

“Well I’m a humper. I gave it to the tree. I humped the cat. But the worst one was when my owner was getting out of the shower and she dropped her towel”

The chihuahua and the heeler look knowingly at each other and say “Neutered” very sadly

The Dane starts wagging his tail and says: “Nope! I’m getting my nails trimmed!”

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