2 Nuns

Late one night, 2 nuns were driving a minivan down a dark country road. All of a sudden a dark shadow flys past the van. The nun driving said to the other nun “Did you see that?!”. “See what?!”. “The shadow that flew past?”.

They kept driving down the road when the same shadow flew past. “Did you see it that time?!” Said the first nun. “I did I did!” Replied the second nun.

They continued to drive down the road, frightened of what the shadow was, when all of a sudden.. BANG!!! A vampire had landed on the hood of the minivan. “What should we do?” Said the second nun. “Show him your cross!” Replied the other nun. So the second nun gets out of the van and goes up to the vampire and says “GET OFF THE FUCKING HOOD!!”

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